State of the Art CFD Simulation for Aerospace Aerodynamics
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목요일, 6월 14, 2012

Engineering simulation impacts a wide range of external aerodynamic applications, from fuel economy and noise in commercial aircraft, to speed, range, and maneuverability of military aircraft and weapons.

With demanding schedules, shrinking resources and a competitive market, engineers need to obtain accurate results as quickly and efficiently as possible. This webcast covers capabilities for solving modern external aerodynamics problems and challenges. Topics highlighted will include:

  • External aerodynamics performance prediction
  • Modern pre-processing for rapid meshing of complex geometries
  • Overset Mesh approach for aerodynamics applications
  • Aircraft ice protection
  • Aeroacoustics

Demonstrations cover CAD-to-mesh, solution setup, and post-processing of a transonic external aerodynamics problem. The usage of STAR-CCM+ Overset Mesh capability is also highlighted, with application benefits for:

  • Parametric studies
  • Rigid-body motion (prescribed or dynamic fluid-body interaction)
  • Bodies in relative motion such as store separation and tube launches
  • Control surface deflection
Deryl Snyder
Matt Janeway
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